Collaborative Asynchronous Interactive Learning System

  • CAILSYS a tool for creating dynamic online website for students.
  • a learning Management System
  • a social e-learning software
    • Collaborative Learning

      Promoting collaborative learning within the Information and Communication Technology learning medium.

    • Autonomy in student learning

      Students work on the learning material at a time that was convenient, within a recommended time frame.

    • Enhance Communication Skills

      Communication during learning is interactive and dynamic.

    • Teacher Centered.

      The role of the teacher extends from transferring knowledge to students, to being a facilitator in the student’s construction of their own knowledge.

    • Individual Assessment

      Can create all the familiar forms of assessment including true-false, multiple choice, short answer, matching question, random questions, numerical questions, embedded answer questions with descriptive text and graphics.

    • Individual Attention

      learners are provided with username and password.They can create a personal profile that can include a picture, helping connect students socially in the online learning community.

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