Digital Branding

With millions of websites being potential options providing a variety of advertising and promotions opportunities, it gets really difficult in deciding the right online media for your business. Online Media Buying and Planning is a crucial step in any online campaign. Investing and relying on the wrong media could put all your efforts in vain. We decide upon the right online platform and media for your business considering your target audience and their internet habits and then help you to get the best deal on buying advertising space on the media.

  • Web Optimisation.

    SEO (search engine optimisation) is the work carried out on website(s) that ensures it performs well in the Search Engines, here most importantly: Google, followed by Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, etc. Therefore to encourage the high ranking of a website, we will ensure it adheres to certain key factors which enable the search engine spiders to rank the site positively.

  • Social Media Marketing Integration.

    To drive awareness and traffic to your website, manage your online reputation, change perceptions or generate awareness, we will make certain your SEO campaign integrates with the appropriate Social Media Marketing networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube.No website is too big or too small to analyse, we have a proven track record in getting the best performance out of websites we optimise; if you have any questions simply drop us an email or give us a call.

  • Online Marketing Campaign

    By employing an online marketing campaign you will increase your web visibility by generating solid links back to your site, thereby improving web authority and pulling you up search engine rankings. A coordinated campaign including E-shot distribution, social media discounts and competitions will push traffic to your site and increase site productivity

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