JUSTBILLER: Advantage Enterprise A comprehensive solution to manage key operations in your enterprise effectively and accurately, and thereby make life easy for everyone working with it - from the proprietor to the manager.

  • Easy to Use

    Cross platform application with quickly accessible options and add ons that are easy to familiarise with, that allows the complete automation of the enterprise and make the process associated with each transaction easier than in a paper based billing system.

  • Feature Rich Interface

    Simple but feature packed interface with conveniently placed icons and a built in calculator, with a standard bill format set up to be used for all types of transactions.

  • Hassle Free Billing

    Supports both barcode and number based code entry of items to a bill, whose prices will be automatically calculated to generate the final bill amount.

  • Remote Inventory Tracking

    Track inventory status at your enterprise from anywhere. Now you can tell what's in stock and what's out of stock at your shop even if you are away.

  • Tamper Proof Database

    Secure and reliable database at the back end of the system that assures maximum availability of services and assurance of safety of information.

  • video surveillance

    An add on feature that will provide along with the transaction reports, live images from your enterprise online, so that you will know what is happening in your shop even when you are away.

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